"I Am Neighbor"

Community enCompass is creating a video series called "I Am Neighbor" that are short interviews with neighbors that tell the story of our core city neighborhoods.

Watch the first interview we did with out neighborhood barber, Norris Roberts.

They will be more stories like this at our 5th Annual Taste & See Progressive Dinner and Neighborhood Tour.
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Over the past few decades, like many post industrial towns in Michigan and the USA, Muskegon has developed a "bad" reputation. A mix of unemployment, crime and a greater media representation of social issues has not only scared people away from the town but has also helped to generate a negative social attitude within the town.

"I Am Neighbor" aims to combat such negative attitudes by not only talking about the good things that happen in downtown Muskegon, but to also highlight the great neighbors that live here and are dedicated to this town and its people. 

We will be creating and releasing more videos and photos like this over the next weeks and months, so keep an eye on this space!