"I Am Neighbor" 

"I Am Neighbor" Is an opportunity for core-city Muskegon residents to tell their stories. To talk about what they love and what they hope for in their neighborhoods. It is an introduction to our neighbors in core-city Muskegon.


Frank is our neighbor and is a formally homeless veteran who is now a Bethany Housing tenant, living in the community he grew up in.

Priscilla is our neighbor and Bethany Housing Resident in the McLaughlin Neighborhood. Priscilla and Patricia have been friends for almost 20 years, and here they talk about how the community is moving forward and what it means to be a neighbor.

Oliver is our neighbor and is a VET. After meeting with Community enCompass he has  started to get his life back on track. In this video, Oliver remembers his time on the streets.

Bob is our Neighbor.  Bob was chronically homeless until November 2016. Through Community enCompass Bob has been connected to permanent supportive housing and a community health care worker to help him get access to the care and support he needs.

Shena Is our Neighbor. Once homeless and pregnant, she now lives in a Bethany housing unit.

Tom is our Neighbor. Tom raised his family in McLaughlin, and would never think of leaving.

Jazz is our Neighbor. Jazz is currently a youth leader at Boys and Girls club.

Ms. Dollie is our Neighbor.  She has lived in the same house in Nelson for many years, and takes pride in the aperance of her block.

Ms. Cosse is our Neighbor. She has lived in Nelson for decades. She loves her community.

Norris is our Neighbor.  Norris is a local Barber and pillar of the community. All the local kids come to him for their Cuts.

Cowboy is our Neighbor. He has lived most of his life on the streets, now he supervises a Veterans housing Unit.

Briane is our Neighbor. After high school Briane is going to train as a nurse, but her favourite place in muskegon is our farm!

Bill is our Neighbor. Bill and his wife decided to settle in Muskegon, and have made it their home.

Ms. Craig is Our Neighbor. She has raised her family here in Muskegon and is proud of how quiet and safe the area has become.

Kawawn is our Neighbor. He runs Heavenly Treats on Peck. Growing up in the neighborhood he's seen a lot of good change.