McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm, Urban Farmer and Site Development Coordinator.

This unique farm position will be responsible for: coordinating the building phases of McLaughling Grows newest farm site, in cooperation with partner organizations and Project Lead, and under the supervision of the Farm Manager. Farm Site Coordinator will be responsible for contacting and arranging the appropriate contractors or partners to complete assorted phases of the project; participating in the physical development of the site; anticipating possible obstacles and troubleshooting to prevent such; engaging neighbors around community gardening and farming activities; assisting with community garden maintenance; communicating with neighbors, local organizations and partners to disseminate information and answer questions concerning the project; presenting timely reports to Farm Manager and Project Lead as requested; maintaining site condition to the expectations of landowner and farm management; working with fellow farm staff to propagate, maintain, and harvest the site to its maximum efficiency; and assisting at McLaughlin Grows other farm sites as time allows when requested. Click HERE for full description.

To Apply send a cover letter and resume to Community enCompass Director Sarah: