Welcome to the Christmas Store!

For many years, a group of our neighbors has sought to provide high quality, new toys, and gifts for hard-working families in the core city Muskegon neighborhoods at an affordable price. Every child sees the same commercial yet Muskegon County’s ALICE population (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed) struggle to afford basic household necessities.


We believe there is dignity for families in purchasing their own Christmas gifts for their children and family.

Donate to the Christmas Store and give the gift of dignity this Christmas.

The neighborhood Christmas store makes the impossible, possible. Because of your donation, everyone can say, “We have done it together.” At the Christmas store, parents can purchase gifts or volunteer to earn credit to shop for their children at the Downtown Christmas store at greatly reduced prices.

Every gift donated to the Downtown Christmas Store turns into three gifts for our neighbors: A toy for a child, pride and dignity for their parents, and jobs for neighborhood youth during the summer work experience. All proceeds from the Christmas Store this year will support jobs for youth in the summer. You can donate funds, new toys or teen gift items.


The neighborhood Christmas store makes the impossible, possible.  Because of your donation, everyone can say, “We have done it together.”

CLICK HERE for a full list of what is needed before December 10th. To make a donation or join us this Christmas season, email us at hnp@communityencompass.org.

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