One of the greatest joys in neighborhood development work is seeing young leaders growing up to take positions of influence and responsibility in the community.

This summer, through the YEP Paid Internship Program, our emerging leaders will be thrust into positions of significant responsibility that will further stretch their abilities and test their faith. They will work as farmers and mentors with McLaughlin Grows Farm, as camp leaders with CATCH Camp, as crew leaders in lawn care, and with our Home Rehab and Construction program. By summer’s end, they will be exhausted and significantly matured.

Internships are hugely important in any students’ life. They set the foundation for future careers, enhancing soft skills such as time management and professional rapport, as well as work ethic. Internships help to build confidence and experience while learning new trades and skills, and Colleges place huge importance on internships when reviewing applications, giving YEP’s an extra push in a competitive market.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the YEP's have to say!

We have the work.
We have the kids.
We have the supervisors to train the kids.

What we need is the money to pay them!

Through a partnership with MI Works and donors, we have wages raised to hire 17 kids. We need funding for 9 more to reach our goal. Each kid will receive $1500 in wages for an 8 week work experience program, working 20 hours per week.

Can you help us reach our goal of providing 26 paid internships and give Muskegon’s youth a head start on their future?

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