We're moving a house!

Community enCompass has been presented with the unique opportunity to save this gem of a home by relocating it from the Nims Neighborhood, where it is slated for demo in 3 weeks, to Downtown Muskegon, where there is currently a push for more homes.

1191 Ireland, Nims, Muskegon..

1191 Ireland, Nims, Muskegon..

Moving a house is expensive. Our estimated budget is $124,000, which includes $70,000 to move the structure onto a new foundation, $33,000 for plumbing, electrical and heating, and $17,000 to add a garage.

How can you be a part of the ambitious endeavor?

  1. Make a financial contribution to the project to help with the expenses.

  2. Licensed Contractors (general, heating, plumbing or electrical): Give us a quote for your services or donate some of your time to assist with a piece of the project.

Why is Community enCompass moving a house?

We believe in redemption! We appreciate all of the new development happening in our community, but we think it’s just as important to preserve our community’s history.

This Craftsman style house was built in the early 1900’s and deserves to be saved. The overall condition of the house is nearly flawless: with original carved woodwork and beautiful built-ins, the character of this home is rich with history that could be enjoyed and extended for another 100 years.