Meet our Summer Associates!

"This summer, Community enCompass is privileged to host 6 VISTA Summer Associates, and we would like to introduce you to our team:

From left to right: Will, Shantel, Chris, Arisha (Vista Leader) Danielle, and Nathan, (Fluarry not pictured) 

From left to right: Will, Shantel, Chris, Arisha (Vista Leader) Danielle, and Nathan, (Fluarry not pictured) 

Nathan Helm is serving as the McLaughlin Grows Farm Education Assistant coordinating healthy meals and educational programs for youth on the farm and youth participating in summer programming. Nathan is no stranger to the McLaughlin Farm and has been a great help to Laurie. He is currently finishing up his culinary studies at Baker’s Culinary Institute of Michigan

Will Paige is serving as the Lawn Care Assistant helping to train YEP's to develop lawn care and leadership skills while providing yard services in core city neighborhoods. Will is happy to share his skills and talents with the team. Will has been a long-time volunteer at Sacred Suds, and we’re excited to have him join us as a Summer Associate.

Danielle Warren is serving as the Growing Goods Assistant to provide support for youth in summer school and community settings including McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm.  Danielle is passionate about serving in the community.

Chris Longmire is serving as the Rehab Housing Assistant working alongside YEP's and volunteer groups to develop leadership skills and training. Last year, Chris shared his skills with Community enCompass as a Baker College Intern, and so is another returning member of the Community enCompass family.

Shantel Johnson is serving as the CATCH Camp Assistant leading 8 YEP counselors to ensure kids involved in CATCH Camp have a safe and fun summer experience. Shantel is a former YEP and will be going into her last year at Michigan State as she furthers her dream to become a scientist.

Fluarry Jackson is serving as the YEP Leadership Development Assistant coordinating the lunch program for the CATCH Camp summer experience participants, Lost Arts public art and Leadership Development with the YEP's. Fluarry has experience working with youth and is excited to connect with the YEP's.

These Summer Associates will serve in neighborhood development efforts while connecting with neighbors, volunteers and partners in the McLaughlin and Nelson neighborhoods. The Summer Associates will live and work alongside these community members to advance local solutions.

AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate members bring their passion and perseverance where the need is greatest which is in the community. We are happy to have them serving a 9-week term with the YEP, McLaughlin Grows, Growing Goods, CATCH Camp, Rehab and Lawn Care programs.

We are excited about the experience, growth, relationships and support this team will gain during their term of service and are confident their energy will contribute to each program's impact."