Thank you for the Washing Machines!

The Sacred Suds community has been blessed by the many generous individuals and groups who have donated for improvements to our laundry facilities. We are currently in the process of working with Great Lakes Laundry to add 6 new dryers and 8 new washing machines to our laundry room by the end of January—replacing all of our decade old machines which are quickly failing.

These new machines, along with the addition of better folding areas, will help improve cost savings to our neighbors and Community enCompass. By providing state-of-the-art laundry facilities to the core city neighborhoods, your generosity is daily impacting the lives of individuals and families in very practical ways. They have an affordable laundry option, can make better use of their limited resources, and become part of a community working together to provide a better quality of life for all through long-term, sustainable change.

On behalf of all of us at Community enCompass, we want to thank you for supporting our efforts to empower people and build community in Downtown Muskegon by sharing God’s love in meaningful and practical ways.