Community enCompass - Neighboring
Our neighbor Bob is a volunteer as Sacred Suds. Bob was first introduced to Community enCompass through Sacred Suds, during a time that he was homeless and struggling with chronic health issues. Since he finding housing stability, Bob has relentlessly sought out ways to be a good neighbor and give back to the community that supported him.

Community enCompass is all about creating spaces and places where good neighboring happens. In partnership with neighbors, Community enCompass provides struggling neighbors like Bob with basic needs services like affordable laundry, toiletries, and internet access at our “Third Space” community center, Sacred Suds. At Sacred Suds there is a vibrant community of neighbors from all walks of life helping each other out. Every tax season there are volunteers who bring thousands of dollars back into the community through free tax preparation!

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Community enCompass also connects neighbors with chronic health conditions like Bob to Community Health Workers, who walk alongside neighbors as they learn to navigate health and community resources. Our staff partner with local businesses to offer neighbors support in managing money and debt, as well as building resumes and finding work.

Community enCompass is dedicated to be a good neighbor, working with neighbors as they seek to live life abundantly in core-city Muskegon.

VOLUNTEER NOW and join us in this neighboring movement in the City!  Partner with Community enCompass and support our work with neighbors in core-city Muskegon.