Empowering youth to become LEADERS NOW, while forever changing their futures, as they become PILLARS of SOCIETY.

YEPs are youth leaders, ages 15-20, who are learning together and creating a better community through: Leadership development, Work Experience in Lawn Care, Home Rehab, Summer Camp , Academic Coaches, and Urban Farming. College readiness, job readiness, Volunteerism/service projects, and the arts. Read about the impact YEP's have been making HERE.

Work Experience

Every Student in the YEP program participates in a work experience. Students learn real life job skills and receive hands on training in order to prepare them for the work place. The work experience also gives YEPs a space to practice what they learn in leadership development as well as live out the YEP core values: Character, Initiative, Demonstration, Positive attitude, and Training.

We asked our YEP interns "Why are internships important?" Check this video out to see what they said!

Leadership Development
Students in the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) become leaders through various trainings, service projects and hands on experiences. As leaders they are a positive presence in our community

Goal Setting
In the Youth Empowerment Project students think about their futures. In order to prepare for the work place or further education, we provide trainings that challenge and educate.

Year Round Program
The Youth Empowerment Project has an eight week summer session and a session that runs through the school year. Both include a work experience and leadership development training.


Mission Statement
“Empowering youth to become LEADERS NOW, while forever changing their futures, as they become PILLARS of SOCIETY.”

Interested in becoming a YEP? Then contact our YEP Coordinator:
Charlotte Johnson
phone: 231-728-3117
email: hnp@communityencompass.org

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YEP Tech Videos

The videos below are two end of summer products from our YEP members who went through the course YEP Tech, where they learned everything needed to make and create their own videos. Check out their two projects below, both are incredible!