Kimi Zimmerman

Rehab Specialist & Community Development Catalyst

"I’d have to say I have my dream job. How many people can honestly say that they get to live their work? I have the good fortune to be one that doesn’t simply punch a time clock. I get to go to work and do life with my co-workers who are my friends and neighbors. I get to work with neighbors who have become my friends and most importantly I get to share with those who don’t live in the downtown neighborhoods the good that exists in our community and help them discover how to be involved with neighbors and join in the amazing work that neighbors are already doing."


Cherrelle Hughey

Housing and Resource Agent & Office Manager

"My name is Cherrelle. I am a Mom, Housing and Resource Agent, Office Manager, Culture Creator and Neighbor. While having all these roles may sound overwhelming I enjoy every one of them. I believe God put me here to help others at times where they may feel there is no hope or there is no one there for them. I love my community and will always give back to it!"

Dan Moran

Community Health Worker / Housing Specialist

"Having lived in Muskegon for over 30 years, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be working in my community with this group of caring and committed people. Together, we connect our neighbors with the help they need, whether it be housing or health care, or just being there with them when they need someone to listen and to know that they are not alone. This work is rewarding beyond measure and I feel very fortunate to be involved in it."


Niyata Brown

Family Liaison and Chir Navigator

”Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a blessing to my community. I graduated from Muskegon Community College in 2007, then transferred to GVSU where I graduated with a BS in Public Administration Nonprofit. I recently moved back home from Mississippi, when I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. I have always had a love and passion to help those in the community, being here at Community enCompass I am able to live out that dream everyday, giving those who I serve hope.”


Cindy Kendall

Americorps HARA program

"I am a West Michigan native with my roots firmly planted in Muskegon! This is a great place to live, play and work. I have always wanted to live downtown, three years ago that became a reality. Now I am able to walk to worship and work! Helping others with the dignity of a hand up has always been my personal philosophy towards serving others."



Muskegon Prescribes Food for Health Coordinator

“After having lived in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Anchorage, and Boston, moving "back home" to Muskegon has been an absolute blessing. Most of my previous work has centered on youth and families, including serving as an Education Program Manager at Junior Achievement as well as within the foster care system at Catholic Social Services. I last served Community enCompass as the Americorps VISTA Farm Education Coordinator for McLaughlin Grows during the 2014-15 school year. I also completed two other Americorps programs, City Year and Public Allies. In my spare time, I enjoy making art, watching the Turner Classic Movies channel, spending time with my family, and playing with my dog (Annie) and kitten (Bruce).”


Charlotte Johnson

Housing Specialist

"I love my job because it allows me to work right where I live, in my community. I’m constantly finding new leaders in our neighborhood. I enjoy mobilizing them to begin and grow positive projects that strengthen the community. I live to inspire our youth to dream and spark their creativity to keep moving forward and take us beyond my imagination."

Virginia Taylor

Grants Manager

"I am energetic, talkative, and animated. With joy and passion, I serve as an advocate for justice and change. Guided by the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love,” I have a knack for igniting hope while empowering people to move from being victims of their circumstances to the architects of their own destiny. At Community enCompass, I am able to use my tremendous energy doing what I love—helping people discover what it means to find their destiny and live the Abundant Life."


John A. Taylor

Bethany Housing Program Director

"I believe our lives are like books; Every one with a story to tell. I want to know the stories. I am a Christian, a husband to Virginia, the father of four adult daughters, one elementary-aged son, and grandfather of two beautiful girls. I've been happily married for over three decades, am a native Michigander, proud resident of Muskegon, lover of Lake Michigan, writer and compulsive book hoarder. My personal vision is to serve others so that they are able to live full and rich lives and share their stories with the world. I believe that much of our soul is hidden, even from ourselves, and that only an encounter with a living God can help us discover who we really are."


Pat Thompson

Marketing & Events Coordinator

”I’m a Welsh man stranded in Michigan, but I’m where I’m meant to be. Fascinated by photography and sharing the stories of those on the edges of society”.


Noah Hanes

Property Maintenance and Rehab

”I’m a native Muskegonite, but have traveled abroad and around the USA. I have been a teacher in both Kyrgyzstan and California, but God called me back to my hometown, not to teach, but to be taught. I am learning every day about the strength and life of Muskegon, and I hope that through my actions I can come alongside the community I was raised in to help it the way it has helped me.”


Catherine Sliwinski

AmeriCorp Vista

”I was raised in the city of Muskegon, but moved around a little after high school (MSU, Africa, Holland, Grand Rapids). 9 years ago I bought a house one street over from where I grew up! I live there with my husband, 4 kids (2 teens and 2 toddlers), and my mom. I love being so close to church, school, work, stores, and the lake. This is my second term in AmeriCorps VISTA service and I am really excited about it. In the next 12 months I look forward to learning so much about Community enCompass, Muskegon, and myself.”


Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga

Executive Director

"I get to live and play in McLaughlin. I get to work in McLaughlin. I get to worship in McLaughlin. My world is small and centered and grounded and I love it. Before this? I lived in Japan and traveled Asia. I taught English to hundreds of Japanese students, slept on tatami mats and in Buddhist temples, ate sushi cross-legged, drank Asahi and green tea, biked hundreds of miles of back roads, and learned what being “in the minority” means. Lessons from that world seep constantly into experiences in this world."



McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm Manager

”I’m Mikayla, a McLaughlin Neighbor and farmer. I am revitalized each season by the signs of new growth and the beauty of nature’s cyclicality. With growing concern for the future of our climate and generations, my admiration and concern has brought me to advocate for our world by dedicating time to farming, food system re-building, and fresh food accessibility for all. And what a joy it is to spend my days doing so alongside such lovely neighbors.”


Stephanie Harmon

Community Development Catalyst at Sacred Suds

”I was born and raised right here in the McLaughlin neighborhood. There is nothing I love more than coming into Community enCompass on a daily basis with the mission in my heart to grow and improve our community from the inside out. I am a mother of two beautiful girls whom I plan to groom into community leaders with my position as a Community Health Worker. It allows me to be who I have always wanted to be, a brick in a strong foundation of growth. I enjoy reading, being a mom, and traveling. I am a child of God with a heart filled with faith. "Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together." Community enCompass has given me the ability to grow and write a new chapter of my life.”


Kiara Scott


"I was born and raised in Muskegon MI. I moved to Kalamazoo, MI for college where I received my B.S in Family Studies. My main goal is to help others who are in need in any form that I can. I have a passion to serve my community, developed from the past interactions and experiences I have had with people who have helped build up the community before me. I'm quite most of the time but I like to get my point across when needed. I like to be the supporter and help push people towards their goals and to help them set their goal higher. I love to work as a team! As many have said, “Teamwork makes a dream work”. I believe this is true with everyone at Community enCompass."


TiyannA Williams

Housing and Eviction prevention Specialist

”I love the the work I do because I love advocating for others and helping them find the power in themselves to grow beyond circumstances and barriers in life. In walking alongside my clients I encourage them to think beyond today, through this encouragement my clients are able to hope again. Together we build and accomplish goals! I will always look to serve in the capacity of giving, for I find the most fulfillment in empowering others.”


Dawanda Greene

Homeless Outreach Coordinator

Rasta, style flower child..wife, mother, friend. Neighbor! I wasn't grew here, I flew here, but Muskegon is home to me. Muskegon is like a quilt of beautifully woven tapestry full of culture and stories.