Spring Salad Share


Spring Salad Share


Spring Salad Share (April 24th - May 15th)

Available for four weeks in the spring, this share consists of enough assorted fresh greens to make several large salads for each week distributed!

This is a weekly, pick up only share.


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Is McGrows Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) a good deal?
McGrows’ CSA offering is competitive to other local CSA options, which range from between $30 to $35 per week, some with work requirements. HOWEVER….with the McGrows CSA program, you are also helping local youth, creating work experience programs, helping fund programs creating pathways to better health, and feeding your neighbors…and THAT’S priceless!!!

What does participation in McGrows Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program mean?
Participation in our CSA program means you receive the freshest locally grown produce possible. Grown using organic practices, McGrows staff will harvest the day of pick-up/delivery, double rinse the produce, and have it ready for your family’s table. But that isn’t all CSA participation means. By purchasing a share of McLaughlin Grows produce, you are supporting important programs for your community. Thanks to your support, local elementary students are able to come to the farm and help plant seeds while learning about where their food comes from; high-school and college students participate in empowering their community and learn how to grow food in an urban setting; youth gain valuable work experience; people with chronic health conditions discover a path to better health through “Muskegon Prescribes Food for Health”; neighbors have access to fresh food that they would otherwise have to travel outside the city limits to purchase; and so much more!

Is What’s Listed What I Will Receive?
What grows on McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm is at the mercy of the weather and pests. While we can manage most pests, the weather is another matter. The produce distributed will be determined by what grows on the farm and may differ somewhat from what is listed. Harvest and subsequently what is included in the shares is dependent upon what is available.

McLaughlin Grows Urban Farm is a program of Community enCompass and helps achieve our mission to empower people and build community in Downtown Muskegon neighborhoods by sharing God's love, as we walk alongside neighbors, seeking justice and a better quality of life for all through long-term, sustainable changes.