is to empower neighbors and build community

Our mission is to empower neighbors and build community in the core city neighborhoods of Muskegon by sharing God's love, as we walk alongside neighbors, seeking justice and a better quality of life for all through long-term, sustainable changes. 
Community enCompass is a Christian Community Development Organization for the core city neighborhoods of Muskegon.



is for a taste of SHALOM

Our vision is for a restored neighborhood, in which all neighbors have identified and have opportunity to use their God-given gifts towards the building and strengthening of their community. We envision a neighborhood where all the assets of our community are fully utilized, so that our neighborhood becomes more of a picture—or preview!—of heaven. A taste of SHALOM.


With Community enCompass

We are in constant need of volunteers at Community enCompass. No matter your skills or abilities we are willing to work with you, to help you get involved in your community.
By volunteering with Community enCompass, YOU are making your core city neighborhoods stronger, healthier and more full of life. 
Do you have experiance in an office, construction, hospitality, youth work, do you have skills to offer? Or are you in need of experiance? 
Volunteer with Community enCompass today!