Community Development Catalysts & Connectors

Community enCompass was founded on the tenants of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). Believing that the assets to change the neighborhood already exist in the neighborhood is our core value. To better do this work, Community enCompass has one Community Development Catalyst and numerous Community Connectors. 

(from left to right, Kimi George (Zimmerman), Arisha Coffee, Erran Briggs, and Emily Santellan)

(from left to right, Kimi George (Zimmerman), Arisha Coffee, Erran Briggs, and Emily Santellan)

Community Development Catalyst

As our Community Development Catalyst, Kimi George (Zimmerman) has gone through extensive training and practices these values every day of her life. Her duties include doing big group training through our Urban Immersion program as well as training and coaching Community Connectors in different neighborhoods through the Muskegon area. In training big groups, Kimi helps those groups who want to come serve in Muskegon area neighborhoods, doing mission work or humanitarian projects, and helps them to understand the value of a prolonged relationship with the residents of the neighborhood, seeing their projects through to the end and not just putting a band aid over the problem. In her training of individual Community Connectors, Kimi coaches individuals who coordinate neighbors and help bring the values of Asset Based Community Development in a door-to-door real-life way. 

Community Connectors

Arisha Coffee

Arisha serves in the Angell neighborhood through a partnership with Allen Avenue Church. 

Erran Briggs

Erran serves in Muskegon Heights, working with the City of Muskegon Heights and a community development group there named "Journey of Hope". Erran will be serving alongside other residents of Muskegon Heights, listening them on a one-on-one basis  

Emily Santellan

Emily serves in the Nelson neighborhood through involvement with the Nelson Neighborhood Improvement Association.